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"Son, God made no mistakes when he made you a performer."

- Rodrick Dixon

Just across the river from the Broadway lights, I began singing at the age of 5 in my grandmother's church choir and at school. I have to tell you honestly, that my first love was basketball, but with my father as both a role-model of a perfomer and a mentor, and a little healthy nudging from mom, performing soon became what I am most passionate about. 


At LaGuardia Arts High School, I studied vocal music and took part in opera workshop, senior and gospel choir, songwriting and, in 2007, portrayed Coalhouse in our production of my favorite musical, Ragtime. With my pro-sports dreams hanging by an increasingly loose thread, I was also All-American in the high jump which afforded me an opportunity to do track & field at Southern Connecticut State University.


After receiving my degree from SCSU in 2012, my professional career began, ironically, with a regional production of Ragtime: The Musical. If that wasn't a sign, I don't know what is. Since then I've become some of my favorite characters like Benny (In the Heights), Seaweed (Hairspray), Harpo (The Color Purple), Pasko (A Little Princess), and Flick (Violet). 


Though the theatre currently has me, I have TV and film aspirations and hope to one day release my original music on a grand scale. Who knows? Maybe I'll even get back to that pro basketball thing at some point! Take a look around. I hope this isn't your last visit.

photo by Danny Weiss
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